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Houck Incorporated has always made every effort to be socially and environmentally conscientious.  We use all resources as efficiently as possible while creating healthier and more energy efficient environments.  Houck Incorporated stays current on the latest in green methods, products and materials to ensure that our clients can create non-toxic, sustainable and affordable environments. Education and awareness is necessary in the Design/Build industry and we encourage all Houck Incorporated staff to work towards LEED professional accreditation.  We work with our clients to leave the lightest footprint on the environment as possible through conservation of resources and implementation of products that are cost-effective, energy efficient and low maintenance.


HOUCK INCORPORATED: Doctrine for green building...

Houck Incorporated shares the green vision of the ASID and endorses the following principles of environmental stewardship:


o        Advocacy for Safe Products and Services: Designers and builders should advocate with their clients and employers the development of buildings, spaces, and products that are environmentally benign, produced in a socially just manner and safe for all living things.


o        Protection of the Biosphere: Designers and builders should eliminate the use of any product or process that is known to pollute air, water, or earth.


o        Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: Designers and builders should make use of renewable natural resources, including the protection of vegetation, wildlife habitats, open spaces, and wilderness.


o        Waste reduction: Designers and builders should minimize waste through the reduction, reuse, or recycling of products and encourage the development and use of reclaimed, salvaged, and recycled products.


o        Wise Use of energy: Designers and builders should reduce energy use, adopt energy conserving strategies, and choose renewable energy sources.


o        Reduction of risk: Interior designers should eliminate the environmental risk to the health of the end users of their designs.



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